School Medicaid Consulting

Our goal is 100% compliance and revenue maximization


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About Rokay

Rokay Services Group, LLC provides focused business consulting services to our clients.  Using expertise and skills developed over many years working for many organizations, it is our goal to first understand our clients' issues and then provide strategic, long-term solutions that help them succeed in their mission.

Working with local school agencies, state departments, and billing/consulting companies, some of our focused School Medicaid services include:

  • Research of regulations and/or policy implementations
  • Professional development workshops
  • Program research
  • Solution design and implementation
  • Audit preparation and support
  • Communications program design
  • Compliance review
  • Revenue maximization

Why we do what we do 

School agencies were never meant to be medical billers.  That's not their mission.  

School Medicaid programs are complex, ever-changing, and yet provide a vital revenue source to our schools.  

Rokay has the experience and capacity to assist local and state agencies in designing and improving their school Medicaid programs to make them successful.

We want to assist school agencies in the design and implementation of fully-compliant school Medicaid programs so that they can maximize their program revenue and focus on their mission:  the education of the students and families that they serve.

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