Introduction to School Medicaid for Administrators

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Arizona Special Education Directors' Institute - Phoenix, AZ


Rokay consultant, Bob Bundy, will be presenting this School Medicaid session at the 2019 Arizona Special Education Directors' Institute.

New to School Medicaid? Confused by School Medicaid?

Want an easy-to-understand overview of School Medicaid? Then you’re in luck! THIS IS THE SESSION for you!

There can be a lot of moving parts to a school’s Medicaid program and they are somewhat of a mystery to a lot of school agency administrators and staff. We’ll present an overview and comparison of Administrative Claiming and Direct Services as well as how School Medicaid impacts special education departments.

You’ll see real-world examples to help in illustrating compliance and recovery revenue components to these programs. This session is designed for anyone who wants an introductory overview of school Medicaid in order to become familiar with this program.

The speaker is a nationally-known School Medicaid consultant who has worked with Arizona’s School Medicaid program for many years. He regularly speaks at state and national events and audiences react to his down-to-earth and fun presentation approach. Curious participants are especially welcome and receive a chocolate treat for every (good) question they ask!


Conference Dates:

  • August 21-23

Rokay presentation

  • Wed., August 21 @ 2:00pm

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