School Medicaid Consulting

Our goal is 100% compliance and revenue maximization


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Professional Development

Increase your staff competence, efficiency, and compliance


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Audit Preparation and Support

Will your program withstand the scrutiny of your next Medicaid audit?  


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Program Design

Is your school Medicaid program designed for compliance?  Ease of use?  Revenue maximization?


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web blueConsulting

Who has the combined experience in School Medicaid policy, claims processing, program compliance, and revenue maximization to help you assess and improve your school Medicaid program?

Contact us to talk about ways to improve your School Medicaid program.

web violetProgram Design

How do you implement changes and updates to your School Medicaid program?  New services?  Corrective Action Plans?

Contact us when you need to make changes to your School Medicaid program.  Do it right the first time.

web blueAudit Services

Are you preparing for an audit?  Are you PREPARED for an audit? Design your School Medicaid program upfront to be fully compliant. 

Contact us about building compliance into your School Medicaid program so you won't worry about audits.

web violetProfessional Development

Where do you look for comprehensive, unbiased professional development for your staff on School Medicaid topics? 

Contact us to discuss some of our standard workshops or a custom program for your team.

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