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Are you about to go through a massive audit?  Or do you want to put processes in place so you'll pass your next audit?  Who has the experience you need in audit preparation?


Once you're notified that your School Medicaid program is going to be audited, it's too late to put processes and procedures in place.  But what do you need to cover to be sure that you're ready for your next audit?  Things like:

  • Compliance checklists before ever billing for a student's services
  • Making sure you meet all electronic signature requirements for your State
  • Tracking consent, especially if it's a one-time consent or for non special education student billing
  • Proper provider credential tracking
  • Self-audit results and internal corrective action plans

No one wants to go into an audit "hoping" that their processes are good enough.  Set up your processes to meet audit requirements from day one.

Contact us today and let's review your processes to determine how you'll meet audit requirements.  Be sure....don't just "hope".



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