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Who has combined experience in School Medicaid, compliance, revenue maximization, and school information to help you assess and improve your School Medicaid program?


We've worked with school districts and state departments around the country.  We have the overall knowledge of both sides of the school Medicaid equation - the education side as well as the Medicaid side.  We can work with you to assess and improve your program with services such as:

  • Implementing a comprehensive parental involvement program to get to a 100% consent rate
  • Evaluate and analyze your program outcomes including revenue, provider activities, and claims experience
  • Build an action plan for improving the overall performance and compliance of your school Medicaid program

There are very few resources nationwide that have an unbiased, comprehensive School Medicaid experience and are able to assess your program and make actionable recommendations for improvements. 

Contact us today - let's start a discussion about improving your overall School Medicaid program.  Isn't a 10-minute phone call worth seeing if you can improve your program's overall performance?



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