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Where do you turn to receive comprehensive, unbiased professional development for your staff on School Medicaid?


The Rokay team has created and conducted professional development programs of all kinds for local and state education agencies.  Some example programs include:

  • Full-day introduction to School Medicaid
  • Parental consent and parental communication
  • Documentation and audit requirements
  • Program financial results and analysis

Whether you need professional development for your entire staff or whether you need more focused one-on-one program leadership and management training, we are able to work with you and design the right material, in the right mode to maximize your experience.

We also provide free monthly webinars on special education topics.  Each session is 30-45 minutes of "real" content - not a cleverly disguised sales presentation.  You can include as many of your staff as you'd like.  Check out the extent and quality of our expertise and then let us help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff. 


Some example Rokay workshops include:

  • "Introduction to School Medicaid for School Administrators"
  • "Building your School Medicaid processes for full compliance and audit preparation"
  • "Parental consent; Billing, Eligibility, Free Care, and Strategies for working with parents"
  • "Improving your School Medicaid program by analyzing your program data and outcomes"

What people say about Rokay programs

  • "I think what I like the most is how you simplified the materials and told real life stories that made it easy for the audience to relate to you and the material."
  • "I found it to be one of the best sessions I attended as it related directly to my new role"
  • "Fantastic – should have been longer."
  • "AWESOME session – I got the most information out of this session!!!"
  • "My favorite session.  Fun and informative.  Great presenter."
  • "Gave great info that will help me."
  • "This was the best workshop in the conference!"
  • "You put on a great workshop."

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