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How do you implement updates to your School Medicaid program?  New processes?  New services? 

Corrective Action Plans?


Are you trying to figure out how to implement new aspects of your School Medicaid program?  What about this like:

  • How do we implement changes based CMS's "free care" guidance?
  • How do we begin billing for specialized transportation? 
  • How do we change our School Medicaid program based on our most recent audit?
  • We've been billing for speech for years.  How do we start billing for other therapies?
  • Should we use paper or electronic records?

Sometimes it's not always clear where to start.  We have experience working with state and local school agencies on all aspects of their School Medicaid program. 

Contact us today and let's start a discussion about not only designing the changes you want to make to your program, but also building the plan for implementing it.



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